The Update Renovate Pty Ltd Work Health and Safety Policy is based on a belief that the well-being of people employed at work, or people affected by our work, is a major priority and must be considered in all aspects of the business.

People are our most important asset and health and safety in the workplace is everyone’s responsibility with every person being of equal priority, including members of the public.

Update Renovate Pty Ltd, through its senior management, will endeavour to comply with all legislative and other requirements placed upon it and will encourage all workers to comply.

The objectives of this Work Health and Safety Policy are to ensure that the business, at all levels, so far as is reasonably practicable:

  • Continually strives to achieve a safer workplace.
  • Considers health and safety in project planning and work activities.
  • Involves all workers in the decision-making processes through regular communication, consultation and training.
  • Encourages workers to undertake a continuous program of education and learning to identify and control hazards in the workplace through a continuous risk management program.
  • Takes action to eliminate or control potential accidents/incidents.Provides effective injury management and rehabilitation for all injured employees.
  • Promotes and rewards positive WHS activity.

The success of our health and safety management depends on:

  • Appropriate planning of work activities with due consideration given to implementing control measures that are suitable to each given situation.
  • All persons involved in the business or affected by the carrying out of our business understanding the total work process and associated WHS risks.
  • Continual encouragement of all workers to be committed to achieving our objectives.
  • Open and honest communication between all parties involved in our business or that will be affected by the carrying out of our business.

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